Protecting Your iPad in the Kitchen

Probably the biggest concern about using our expensive iPads in the kitchen is protecting it from spills, moisture, food, dust and all the other computer-unfriendly things that go along with cooking.

Commercial products to accomplish this are starting to appear (and we'll be reviewing as many as we can, so look for them in the Accessories section) but there are some things you can do with items you probably already have in the kitchen:

Plastic Wrap:  Placing a layer of plastic wrap (I used StretchTite but it should work with Saran, Glad or anything like it) over the entire front of the iPad will protect it from the small splash and whatever might be on your fingers.  Once you get the hang of getting the layer on reasonably smooth, you'll fnd that visibility and touch sensitivity remain great. Cover the home button and all the edges, covering all the side buttons and openings.   When you're done cooking, just remove the wrap!  It works and is extremey cost effective.

Plastic Bag:  A 1 gallon ZipLoc or equivalent Freezer bag provides excellent protection all the way around.  If you make sure it's zipped properly, the iPad could survive a moderate to heavy spill (but don't try it!).  In addition to the better protection as compared to plastic wrap it's also much easier to use, just slide the iPad in and zip the bag shut.  It's probably obvious, but put the logos printed on the bag at the back of the iPad. Touch sensitivity through the bag is fine. The downsides are that the plastic causes a moirĂ© effect which is distracting (but not unbearably so) and the bag's plastic is somewhat milky compared to the plastic wrap, so your display won't look as sharp.  Since it's a full cover the speaker will be a bit muted.  All in all, a decent solution that offers good protection and is very cost effective.